Customer Info Manager (CIM) Pro

Customer Info Manager (CIM) Pro

Price : $ 55

Customer Info Manager Pro is a handy and easy to use customer management tool. All data is stored on your computer, therefore, CRM is extremely quick, secure and works without Internet!

Version : 1.0.41 Size : 10 MB
License : Demo Trial Limit : 10 Records Only

Customer Info Manager PRO is a fast, lightweight and full-featured Desktop CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. All data is stored on your computer, therefore, CRM is extremely quick, secure and works without Internet! It supports category wise sorting and saving customers data to easily find out your valuable clients for your business quickly. Is a simple system used to keep track of your customers information’s such as address, phone no, fax, email, D.O.B. etc., Get CIM Pro and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!

User friendly interface which helps you to understand actual working concept of software and how it works fast. Main feature of software is it supports to open and manage multiple customer records at a time. And find out any, change contents and save or print it quickly.

You can set different type of report header footers or cont. page header footers to every report. And it also formatted by you such as different fonts, colors, etc. Otherwise if you wish to use only one report titles profile to all of reports it will be possible in that. 

Using shortcut keys you can find any customer, edit it and print it quickly. So that saves your valuable time, work fast and get output quickly. In the Pro version you can change your software themes to different types as you wish. This feature is not available in FREE version.

Features :

  • Add, edit or open multiple customer records at a time
  • Add master contents as libraries and manage it easily
  • View custom reports which depends on different criteria wise such as like customer category wise report, country wise report, state wise report, city wise report, company wise report etc.
  • Create custom report header footer profiles for every report
  • Quickly view and print many types of report format at print preview time
  • It supports to export your reports to .doc or .pdf format
  • User friendly interface to clear idea about how it works